Our Community Engagement for 2019 onwards




The youth programme is centred around young BAME male. We are exploring

starting a choir/choirs for young men from the age of 5 -25. This is modelled on the Harlem Boys Choir. We are also currently discussing if we should have a female choir that join together to present concerts. The repertoire will be mainly classical, spirituals & choral music. We aim to teach everyone to read music, which speeds the learning process.

The choirs are not only designed to create brilliant vocal performances but to deliver soft skills to the young people.

For the Windrush generation, we aim to meet and record these amazing trailblazers as they tell us about their lives through music.

We are especially interested in listening to their folk songs of childhood, the songs of the period as they took their passage to England also the songs that they sang at church in their new country. The Church, especially as many of them, were of the generation who were not made welcome in the established churches in the UK so they formed their own. It is these songs, often known as a 'chorus' that we want to collate.

Once this is done, we give a selection of Windrush songs to contemporary BAME composers for them to weave their magic to create a set of choral pieces.

In turn, these songs will be sung and delivered by our choir of young people, hence the handing on of the baton and the journey of the Windrush Generation.




We would be delighted to hear from anyone or organisations that would like to partner with us to deliver either of the above projects, 

especially a Musical Director & Accompanist.

For further details please contact: